So Many Patients-So Little SANITY!

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Crazy for Beauty

Barbara Siragusa, one of the producers of Crazy on the Couch, has been friends with Kim Snyder of Overall Beauty for several years. They have worked together in collaborations on several productions. Still to date Barbara’s favorite product that Kim sells on her site, is Magic Lash which we hear is out of stock till May!!  This lash enhancer is amazing and beats any false eyelashes, any day!  The makeup department of ElectricBear Studios will continue to use many of the wonderful products that Kim sells, including her very own brand of mineral eye shadow. Most important for us ladies, is that there are NO FILLERS in the product and they have a higher percentage of pure mineral colorants. This means that a small amount on the eye lids provides the same color depth as a heavy application of traditional pressed powder. Your eye shadow will last longer! That is a good thing! Kim is also an avid beauty blogger, and comes to our aid with many questions we have about makeup and skin care. Visit her website for more info and be sure to email her to pre order the long awaited supplies of Magic Lash!  Thanks for your continued collaboration with ElectricBear Studios Kim!


The Dr. is on Windows Media

Electric Bear Studios on Windows Media

For those who don’t know, Big Apple Style Marketing (BASM) is a digital entertainment marketing agency that works with a variety of content producers to help market, promote, distribute and monetize their content on digital platforms such as mobile, Internet, and television. One of our favorite distribution/promotional partners is Microsoft’s Windows Media Entertainment Guide. We’ve been working with Microsoft since 2009 (when we opened our doors) and they’ve always provided a great platform. This week, we have two placements for one of our favorite clients, Electric Bear Studios!

Electric Bear Studios’ Production “Krysta’s Kingdom” on the Windows Media Homepage

Up first, on the Windows Media landing page we have a screenshot to the Krysta’s Kingdom clip which features a recipe for making “mini fruit pizzas”. Krysta’s Kingdom is an original children’s television program that airs daily on My Family TV and is also available on Ameba’s Video On Demand platform. This same clip is also featured again on the Windows Media Television Homepage:

Electric Bear Studios’ “Krysta’s Kingdom” Screenshot on Windows Media’s TV Homepage

And finally, we also have a new placement for Electric Bear Studios’ newest production, “Crazy On The Couch“; a hilarious dark comedy that follows the shenannigans of psychologist Dr. L Oko and her interesting patients. This clip is actually featured on the Windows Media Mobile version of their website. Windows Media Mobile is a very streamlined version of the regular Internet site which is only updated once a month and is best viewed on mobile devices (with a preference for Microsoft based mobile OS platforms of course!).

Electric Bear Studios’ “Crazy On The Couch” Featured in the April edition of Windows Media Mobile and the Windows Media player for PC are all a division of Microsoft. They are considered an entertainment guide and receive roughly 250 million hits a month, with 14 million of those being unique. Although the majority of the traffic is from the US, they also receive a large amount of international traffic. Content is featured from around the world and spans television, music, film, video game and radio station content. If you’re interested in having your original entertainment content posted on Windows Media, please contact BASM at

Crazy Pillow Talk!

We are excited to be working with Rekha of Divine dZigns, as she designs pillows for the set of Crazy on the Couch, as well as some of Dr. L. Oko’s wardrobe.

Divine dZigns as seen in…..Creating an exclusive pillow line for the set of Crazy on the Couch by Electric Bear Studios. Color theme: pink & purple. Have chosen a beautiful Italian silk brocade. The creative process has begun…..

Divine wrote:
“Very excited to be part of this show!!”

Crazy on the Couch finds Revenge Is sweet!!!

ElectricBear Studios has chosen “Revenge is” t-shirts to promote on their new series “Crazy on the Couch”, with great appreciation of the messages expressed through these designs.

About us Revenge Is …  is a cause-embedded company that designs and manufactures branded “activist message” t-shirts with sophisticated graphic designs, fashion forward styles, and “eco” materials. The old adage that “the best revenge is living well” is the genesis of Revenge Is…  Helping our world become better through collective, constructive action is, we believe, the best way to resolve social issues. Our t-shirts make activism fashionable and enable our customers to personally express their own desire for constructive action.   Our t-shirts are made from  a blend of organic cotton and polyester spun from recycled plastic bottles and our tank tops from modal.  They are very soft and silky.   We are committed to giving back and donate at least 5% of our sales to charities, so our customers can give back while looking  fashionable and fabulous at the same time.   We recently launched our endangered species line  and our “eat your veggies” line of t-shirts and tank tops.

Special Sneak Peak

Meet Toby

Featured Designer, Jean Joaillerie

Barbara Siragusa, VP of ElectricBear Studios is excited to be showcasing the unique custom-designed fantasy handmade jewelry of Jean Joaillerie on upcoming episodes of Crazy on the Couch!  For more information on Jean Joaillerie and how you can own your very own piece of her wonderful collection, visit her website at

The Couch is on Fire!

The doctor loves her nail polish!

Crazy on the Couch has become a sensation! Our long awaited trailer is up! You’ll be able to see it on the website soon. The website link is or view it on YouTube.

The premise of the show is beautiful young psychologist……in her patients, but only daydreams about her next nail salon appointment and wonders what color she should wear.
Dr. L. Oko always wears the trendiest fashions and make-up along with her perfectly-groomed long nails. In fact, even when she is with her patients (supposedly taking notes on her iPad) she is checking out beauty sites on the iPad instead!!

Karen does not want to Leave her apartment!

The series takes place primarily in the doctor’s office and, of course, her nail salon.  Karen, one of her patients, is agoraphobic. Since she’s afraid to leave her apartment, all of her sessions have to be done via the internet. Even when her apartment is flooded during one of her sessions, she still refuses to leave!

Crazy on the Couch will be seen on US networks and International networks. Including traditional TV networks, IPTV and cell phone customers, Windows Media website, Netflix and Hulu. The series will be filmed between her office and the nail salon.

The show is produced by the multiple-award-winning ElectricBear Studios in Florida, USA. They also produce the Italian cooking show “Faces of Italy” and “Krysta’s Castle” a children’s series.

Check out  the website or become a fan of the show on Facebook!