So Many Patients-So Little SANITY!


Meet the Doctor and the patients

Dr. L. Oko

One Doctor stands out in the crowd. Ready to help, Ready to cure, Ready to save you- Providing of course it doesn’t take very long or on  the days she has a manicure, or if there is a good shoe sale..A girl must have her priorities right-Besides the girls at the nail shop can’t speak English- so who will they tell?

Karen Kimball the Agoraphobic

Karen Kimball

Diagnosis – Agoraphobia- She is afraid to leave her house under any circumstances, including the extreme, like house flood! She is so dysfunctional that her therapy has to be conducted through the the internet! She has one pet rat – Norman, who was acquired during a flood in her apartment. He made his way through her air conditioning vent during the flooding of her house by a backed up toilet!!

Toby Mapache and Raq

Toby Mapache

Toby has a stuffed raccoon friend that he has had since he won it at the fair at the age of 12. This raccoon called Raq actually whispers to Toby. When Toby goes on dates he takes Raq with him, gets him a high chair and orders food for him. Toby sees Dr L. Oko because he is confused as to why his dates constantly go bad and why Raq gets more action on the dating scene than he does.

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