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The Couch is on Fire!

The doctor loves her nail polish!

Crazy on the Couch has become a sensation! Our long awaited trailer is up! You’ll be able to see it on the website soon. The website link is or view it on YouTube.

The premise of the show is beautiful young psychologist……in her patients, but only daydreams about her next nail salon appointment and wonders what color she should wear.
Dr. L. Oko always wears the trendiest fashions and make-up along with her perfectly-groomed long nails. In fact, even when she is with her patients (supposedly taking notes on her iPad) she is checking out beauty sites on the iPad instead!!

Karen does not want to Leave her apartment!

The series takes place primarily in the doctor’s office and, of course, her nail salon.  Karen, one of her patients, is agoraphobic. Since she’s afraid to leave her apartment, all of her sessions have to be done via the internet. Even when her apartment is flooded during one of her sessions, she still refuses to leave!

Crazy on the Couch will be seen on US networks and International networks. Including traditional TV networks, IPTV and cell phone customers, Windows Media website, Netflix and Hulu. The series will be filmed between her office and the nail salon.

The show is produced by the multiple-award-winning ElectricBear Studios in Florida, USA. They also produce the Italian cooking show “Faces of Italy” and “Krysta’s Castle” a children’s series.

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