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The Dr. is on Windows Media

Electric Bear Studios on Windows Media

For those who don’t know, Big Apple Style Marketing (BASM) is a digital entertainment marketing agency that works with a variety of content producers to help market, promote, distribute and monetize their content on digital platforms such as mobile, Internet, and television. One of our favorite distribution/promotional partners is Microsoft’s Windows Media Entertainment Guide. We’ve been working with Microsoft since 2009 (when we opened our doors) and they’ve always provided a great platform. This week, we have two placements for one of our favorite clients, Electric Bear Studios!

Electric Bear Studios’ Production “Krysta’s Kingdom” on the Windows Media Homepage

Up first, on the Windows Media landing page we have a screenshot to the Krysta’s Kingdom clip which features a recipe for making “mini fruit pizzas”. Krysta’s Kingdom is an original children’s television program that airs daily on My Family TV and is also available on Ameba’s Video On Demand platform. This same clip is also featured again on the Windows Media Television Homepage:

Electric Bear Studios’ “Krysta’s Kingdom” Screenshot on Windows Media’s TV Homepage

And finally, we also have a new placement for Electric Bear Studios’ newest production, “Crazy On The Couch“; a hilarious dark comedy that follows the shenannigans of psychologist Dr. L Oko and her interesting patients. This clip is actually featured on the Windows Media Mobile version of their website. Windows Media Mobile is a very streamlined version of the regular Internet site which is only updated once a month and is best viewed on mobile devices (with a preference for Microsoft based mobile OS platforms of course!).

Electric Bear Studios’ “Crazy On The Couch” Featured in the April edition of Windows Media Mobile and the Windows Media player for PC are all a division of Microsoft. They are considered an entertainment guide and receive roughly 250 million hits a month, with 14 million of those being unique. Although the majority of the traffic is from the US, they also receive a large amount of international traffic. Content is featured from around the world and spans television, music, film, video game and radio station content. If you’re interested in having your original entertainment content posted on Windows Media, please contact BASM at